• Able to master the concept of water resources management (exploration, exploitation, conservation, rehabilitation, and diversification).
  • Able to identify, analyze, explain the characteristics of organisms, processes & phenomena (physical, chemical, biological).
  • Mastering the concepts & research methods in the field of Water Resources Management.
  • Responsive to environmental problems, proactive, critical thinking and able to work together.
  • Able to take advantage of opportunities and develop business in the field of water resources.


  • Able to plan strategic programs in the field of Coastal Resource Management.
  • Able to select and utilize information systems and technology to formulate strategic plans in the fields of exploration, resource exploitation, conservation and rehabilitation of coastal ecosystems.
  • Able to analyze & determine the condition of Coastal Resources.
  • Able to identify science and technology needs in the field of Coastal Resources management.
  • Able to determine the approach to management of Coastal Resources.
  • Able to carry out economic valuation of Coastal Resources.
  • Able to be a motivator (agent of change) in the management of Water Resources regarding Fishery Resources orally and in writing.